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A global study on accredited education qualifications shows that 1 in 4 candidates lie on their resume.

The cost of a bad hire

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  • Authenticate academic credentials & verify degrees
  • Ensure candidates meet the required qualifications
  • Enhance team performance with quality hiring
  • Ensure industry compliance
  • Detect education discrepancies
  • Promote fair hiring practices

Employees' Degree Verification & Education Background Check, for complete peace of mind.

Ensuring that degree, and educational records are checked should be an integral part of the hiring process. If you wish to ensure that security and standards of your workforce are never compromised.

We offer a detailed and comprehensive education background check and degree verification service that enables you to hire qualified candidates, thereby mitigating potential risks associated with fraudulent candidates entering your organization.

Why Choose an Education Check Service?

Better Hiring Decisions

A thorough education background check ensures that your workforce consists of trustworthy and dependable professionals.

Reduce Hiring Risks

Education verification helps create a safe and secure work environment for your organization.

Maintain Compliance

Academic qualifications and degree verification provide valuable insights for making informed and dependable hiring decisions.

Protect Company Reputation

Verifying candidates' qualifications helps protect your company's reputation and integrity, ensuring a qualified workforce.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Conducting thorough education checks can help you avoid long-term, costly mistakes and inefficiencies that result from hiring unqualified individuals.

Increase Trust and Confidence

Using an education background check service demonstrates your commitment to hiring qualified candidates, building trust and confidence in your hiring process.

Education verification components

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