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A background check is a process that involves reviewing an individual's criminal records, employment history, education, credit score, and other relevant information to assess their eligibility for a job or a particular role in the organization.

A compliance check is a type of a background check as in it provides information to the client whether an individual or corporate entity is on any local or international list of sanctions or if they are wanted by any local and international LEA (Law Enforcement Agency). In addition, the entity is checked to see if they have any adverse media reported against them.

Employers conduct background checks to verify the information provided by job applicants, assess their qualifications for a particular role, and mitigate the risk of potential legal or financial liabilities. For example, a criminal check may discover that a candidate has been arrested for violence related activities.

A background check includes criminal records, employment history, education, address / site visits, credit score, drug testing and other relevant information.

view all our checks to see which information of a company or individual can be verified.

Common types of background checks include criminal, employment, education, site visits and credit history.

view all our checks to see which information of a company or individual can be verified.

A background check can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks depending on the type and scope. A basic criminal check can be done in hours, while a comprehensive criminal check can take up to 20 days where external entities are involved in the verification process.

Depending on the level and detail required in a check, some are conducted internally while others may require further investigation conducted outside the company. These checks usually take longer and may require an additional fee.

Check Xperts is an ISO 27001 certified company, which ensures strict data privacy and confidentiality. In addition, we follow the guidelines laid down by PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) and ensure that we only share relevant data with third parties. We also provide regular training for our staff and vendors on data privacy and the need to maintain confidentiality.

The cost of a background check can vary depending on the type, scope, and provider. Some checks also require additional fee that is required by verifying authorities. This is generally called IA Fees.

The fee to be paid to issuing authorities - for example education institutes that charge for student verification; or LEAs (law enforcement agencies) that charge for extensive record searching.

If a background check reveals a criminal record, employers may consider factors such as the nature of the offense, relevance to the job, and time elapsed. In the end, it is the employer’s call whether to retain the candidate or let him go.

International background checks are available and can include criminal records, employment, education, and identity verification. Our team has the ability to perform background checks from USA to Bangladesh and beyond.

You can reset the password from the login page. If that does not help, you can connect with us via email or phone.

For existing clients, checks can be initiated via API integrations or by logging into the client dashboard and adding a check. For new clients looking to try the service, you can --sign up for trial on the customer dashboard and add sample checks.

Running a background check can verify a candidate's qualifications, reduce legal risks, and promote a safe work environment.

Common types of background checks include criminal, education, employment, and reference.

Yes. Our background check services can be tailored towards performing a check on vendors and dealers. This can include services such as global sanctions check, adverse media check, Local sanctions check, etc.

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